LatiBrowse is a free, fully functional web browser. It has been built with a clean, simple and efficient user experience in mind. Designed initially for use within the Latiroc OS but now available for Windows.

LatiBrowse is also the first browser in the world through which websites will be able to provide exclusive, interactive content within the browser environment, from exclusive music and videos to messages for fans.
Anywhere you see the LatiBrowse logo next to a link you will be able to access content solely through LatiBrowse with LatiBrowse-Extra.

Version 1.1.4 – Main Build Release 22/08/2015 (Download here) (Windows 8.1/10)

The latest release features:

– Search from the navigation bar (now choose between Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo)
– SmartBar Sites – Use your own SmartBar Codes to access your favourite sites quickly (e.g. ‘mail’ ->
– StarBar – Easy access to your favourite sites
– AutoUpdates everyday with new features and fixes released regularly
– LatiBrowse Plugins (such as LatiSpeak and YouTube Downloader) with 3rd Party plugins coming soon
– LatiSpeak – Text-to-speech function with an adjustable speech rate
– LatiCloud Enabled (transfer your settings to all linked LatiBrowse applications for a familiar browsing experience everywhere) *requires a LatiCloud account*
– HTML5 Compatible! – You can now browse Web 2.0 with the latest, fastest and most powerful web standard.
– YouTube Downloader Plugin Download – Optional Plugin available for free!
– Official Windows XP, Vista and 7 support dropped – We’re moving on to better things and we hope you are too, LatiBrowse will still run, but it won’t be supported.
– New fullscreen browsing mode.
– Brand new look and feel with a sleek and streamlined silver and white theme.