Vision:Connect – Status

Phase 1 – Beta Test 2 – Status Report – Correct as of 20/08/2016

Open Vision:Connect WebView (requires username and password)

If you see an error in WebView stating you cannot connect. Please wait 5 minutes before trying again.

Current iPhone app:

Vision:Connect iPhone

Current iPad app:

iPad Main

iPad E-Licence

Please report issues to

Main Database – 20/08/2016

Functioning normally.


iPhone App Core – 20/08/2016

Functioning normally.


iPad App Core – 20/08/2016

Functioning normally.


Instructor Licence Renewal System – 09/06/2016

Partial – waiting for PayPal Pro setup.


Head Office Licence Management – 09/06/2016

Partial – waiting for PayPal Pro setup. Waiting for exact BTC output format requirement.


Upcoming Licence Expiry Email Reminders – 09/06/2016

Partial – multiple reminders may clog the email server.


Head Office Payments Manager – 09/06/2016

Barebones structure.


E-Licences – 10/06/2016

Partial – requires PDF generation and email setup.


Grading History – 10/06/2016

Functioning normally.


Grading Result Submission – 10/06/2016

To be implemented.


Class Lists – 09/06/2016

Partial – printing does not work on WebView. Layout is not ideal for printing to A4.


Email Students Directly – 20/08/2016

Functioning normally.


Call Students or Emergency Numbers – 20/08/2016

Functioning normally. Only available on iPhone and iPad.


Email All Students – 10/06/2016

Partial – does not use entire database only result of last find.