Inhouse Software

At Alati Enterprises we are constantly looking to push the boundaries of what is possible for software to do. We have many inhouse projects which never see the light of day exploring many diverse areas, sometimes the ideas find their way into our products. For example, VICI, the virtually intelligent assistant now found in Latiroc OS, was born out of an old project called the ‘VICMS’ which we designed to aid us with simple tasks and which slowly gained more and more autonomy.

  • Latiroc OS provides a clean, functional, friendly environment for use on school or university computer systems. It allows students and teachers to access exactly what they require and to explore the educational environment whilst remaining very secure and preventing system abuse. Latiroc OS includes several Core apps – an internet browser (LatiBrowse), a powerful media player (Alati Media Player), an office suite (LatiWrite/LatiGrid/LatiPresent) and many more custom built programs. Windows programs and new Latiroc OS Apps can also be easily and securely integrated into Latiroc OS via the Latinet App Store.VICI technology is a smart virtual assistant. The speech abilities of LatiSpeak are customisable with your own phonetic pronunciations and are updated centrally through the Core Updater. LatiSpeak is integrated into many of the other products included in Latiroc OS such as LatiWrite, LatiCalc and LatiBrowse.
  • Latinet and LatiCloud: The Latinet Store is our Latiroc OS App, educational tools and music store. Students and teachers can access a wide range of educational content from revision guides to lesson plans from anywhere with an internet connection using their LatiCloud account. LatiCloud is also able to store all user settings, documents and favourites. Users can log into Latiroc OS using their LatiCloud account and all the Latiroc Core Apps sync to the cloud automatically. Effectively if a workstation permits LatiCloud User access, any LatiCloud user can log into any workstation and have everything right there and ready to go like their own workstation within seconds.
  • Aurora, Aurora SMS and Undertow: Our secure communications suite comprises Aurora (a secure email-style messaging service), Aurora SMS (a service which provides global SMS and voice capabilities globally from any number to any number) and Undertow (a secure instant-messaging service). Currently only Aurora is publicly available and free to use. Aurora SMS and Undertow are currently being used exclusively by private clients.
  • Syren: Our Emergency Warning System (EWS) replacement, Syren, takes a multi-pronged approach to alerting users of danger or problems which may arise. Syren is capable of both displaying and reading messages on computers and sending SMS or voice message warnings to mobile devices and landlines.