What is Heimdall?

Heimdall is a small but incredibly powerful app to help you determine whether a number you don’t recognise is a scam artist/cold caller etc.

Simply input the number into Heimdall and it will give you a Risk Rating and Number of Reports as well as other useful information to inform you of how to proceed.

We highly recommend against calling numbers or answering calls from numbers with Risk Ratings of more than 60%.


Is Heimdall free?

Yes. Totally free. No ads or in-app purchases ever, we promise.


Why the name ‘Heimdall’?

Heimdall, or Heimdallr, is a God of Norse mythology who possesses foreknowledge and super-human senses. He also drinks mead under a rainbow whilst waiting for Ragnarok (the end of days) and is an all-round pretty awesome guy. You can trust him to protect you from scam artists.


Download Heimdall
(Windows 8.1/10) (1.6MB download – 4MB installed)