Alati Competition Suite

Alati Competition Suite has been produced specifically for use at ITF Taekwon-Do Competitions.

It includes several components: Alati Sparring, Alati Competition Screen, Alati Patterns and Alati Competition Manager.

Alati Sparring features a precise timer, wireless scoring using Xpadder, result calculation and sudden death.


Alati Competition Screen allows the display of scores, warnings and fouls, who is competing and who will be competing next in real-time.

Alati Patterns is the counter-part to Alati Sparring and allows the scoring of patterns to local competition and international ITF standard.

Alati Competition Manager provides an easy way to generate Categories/Divisions and to generate Draws. The draw systems that ACM generates can feed directly into Alati Sparring and Alati Patterns to automate the entire process.

Current releases (DOWNLOAD HERE):

Alati Competition Screen 2016 – 16/07/2016 –

  • Increased pattern result size
  • Increased ‘Up Next’ size
  • Added About Box
  • Adjusted countdown timer to smoothen countdown
  • Fixed scores not hiding correctly
  • Added Optional or Designated pattern display
  • New Sudden Death intro graphics
  • Improved load times
  • New Final intro graphics
  • Added Category display to top of Sparring and Pattern screens

Alati Sparring 2016 – 16/07/2016 –

  • Added ability to overide result in case of a disqualification or withdrawal
  • Added compatibility with new Sudden Death intro in ACS
  • Added option to disable the new Sudden Death intro in Screen Control
  • Fixed a bug erroneously enabling resizing the app’s window
  • Fixed a bug in Sudden Death mode with resetting ACS
  • Adds Draw system, Draw Control and Result Records

Alati Patterns 2016 – 16/07/2016 –

  • Changed DRAW colour to Grey
  • Corrected alignment of BLUE buttons in Flags
  • Automatically shows Patterns screen when Alati Competition Suite is running
  • Added ability to set Optional or Designated pattern to be displayed
  • Corrected decision inputs to be easier for umpires
  • Adds Draw system, Draw Control and Result Records

Alati Competition Manager – 16/07/2016 –

  • Outputs division lists to go into Alati Sparring and Alati Patterns to run draws automatically.