E-V: File Eviscerator

E-V is a secure file destruction tool previously developed for military and intelligence applications.



LOW: Wipes data several times and overwrites it with junk. This is safe enough for any average person who just wants some data security when discarding a hard drive or selling a computer for example.

MEDIUM: Wipes the data by an increased factor. Safe enough for most civilian applications and compliant with all data protection laws in the UK.

HIGH: Wipes the data an significant number of times. This setting conforms to the highest standards of UK Military and Intelligence data destruction protocols.

EXTREME: Wipes the data thousands of times and overwrites it with junk thousands of times. Recommended for small files only and not to be used lightly as will wear the disk drive down with every use.


Data destroyed with E-V cannot be recovered by conventional means. Be absolutely sure you wish to delete a file before you run it through E-V at any level.

Alati Enterprises Ltd. is not responsible for the loss of important data incorrectly wiped using E-V. We cannot recover any data.

E-V does not contain any viruses or spyware.